Which Antenna is Right for You? Or do you need some "cord"?
So you want absolutely NO Cable running into your house.
You've decided to buy an Antenna. How do you decide where/which one?
Physics is the answer. Sorry but its true. Size and distance in this case does matter.
Over the air broadcasting is great but it depends on how far you live from the source.
I recommend using:
Simply type in your zip code and it will create a map via Google® Maps with your stations (See example above).
This is where distance matters. I am almost 50 miles from most of the major Boston Stations so I choose a "bigger" antenna.
I purchased the Clearstream® 4 Extreme Range antenna for ~$99.
Using the compass on my iPhone I calculated the correct angle to mount the Antenna, above most trees and toward Boston area. I now get about 18 channels.
Here is the problem if you are more that 50 miles or blocked significantly by trees you might need a 'Limited-Basic' cable package.
This usually includes about 16 channels and runs ~$25 dollars.
Now the economics:
Digital Economy: 45 Channels $29.95 per month
$359.40-$99.95= $259.45 in SAVINGS this year.
Lets see what else we can cut next week.